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Poultry House Blower

Poultry House Blower

A1 Mist Sprayers offers the highest quality mist sprayers for poultry care. Maintaining the health and quality of your poultry, whether through fly or other pest control, has never been easier than it is now with an A1 Mist Sprayer.

Benefits of an A1 Mist Sprayer for Poultry Care

Precise Spraying – A1 Mist Sprayers utilize a high velocity air stream instead of water to distribute the chemical on the targeted spraying area. The chemical is pumped through nozzles into the air stream, creating a fine mist and allowing you to push the mist to your spraying area. Cover more surface area with a mist sprayer compared to a broadcast boom or hand sprayer.

Chemical & Water Savings – With the use of an A1 Mist Sprayer, experience up to a 60% reduction in chemical use and a 90% reduction in water use when you spray.

Versatility – A1 Mist Sprayer units are designed to offer our customers versatility to adapt to their mist spraying needs with an A1 exclusive backflush system*. Whether you need to clear your poultry barn of debris or apply pesticides to banish mites, A1 offers the flexibility you need.

Poultry Care Applications – A1 Mist Sprayers are designed to aid in the following poultry care applications: parasitic insect control, including lice, mites, litter beetles, bedbugs, chiggers and flies, as well as bacteria, fungi and virus control inside of poultry facilities.

*Backflush system available on select units.

Terminator 60 Gallon

Sprayer Features: Make pests and weeds say, “I’ll Not Be Back” with the Terminator. This mist sprayer features a belt-driven, cast iron Hypro 6-roller pumping system that is excellent for applying soluble powders, emulsions, herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. Comes complete with a wiring harness that can adjust throttle speed, fan rotation and liquid on/off controls. Features a side mounted safety control center that includes a line strainer, pressure gauge, pressure regulator, tank drain valve and back flush system.

Frame made of heavy-duty steel that has a stump jumper design. Lift on/off vehicles with the easy to use forklift holes. Standard with a PTO shaft that connects with category I, II and III tractors. 

Misting Coverage: Be relentless with the chain and sprocket, 210 degree electric rotating fan that mists up to 80 feet vertically and 140 feet horizontally from the A1 exclusive 4-nozzle cannon volute.

Applications: The Terminator can be used with a variety of chemical and mist spraying applications that require more volume. Tackle a wide range of pests including weeds, flies and insects. Easily mist spray in a variety of environments such as camp grounds, pastures, barns, vineyards and orchards. This mist blower can also be used to spray brush, fence lines, fruits, vegetables, nut trees and livestock (cattle, hog, poultry).

Available Options: The Terminator 60 gallon mist sprayer is also available with a 2-Way Orchard/Vineyard Volute or a hose reel with 50 feet of hose.

Additional upgrades available. 

Poultry House Blower


Sprayer Features: Keep your poultry facilities debris and parasite free with the Poultry House Blower. Comes complete with a wiring harness that can adjust throttle speed and fan rotation. Frame made of heavy-duty steel that has a stump jumper design. Lift on/off vehicles with the easy-to-use forklift holes. Standard with a PTO shaft.

Blowing Coverage: Show true grit with the chain and sprocket, 210-degree electric rotating fan that that makes quick work with the included cannon volute.

Applications: The Poultry House Blower is perfect for a poultry facility cleaning and disinfecting program to kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Easily remove all organic material such as manure, blood, feed and carcasses after de-populating your facility.