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Harris-Crisp Specialty Equipment is a company dedicated to offering smart poultry management solutions for today’s growers. We offer a select number of high-performance poultry products that have been developed to help you lower costs, increase profitability and improve your overall poultry operation.

We are proud to be partners with the following manufactures: Creek View Manufacturing and BestWay AG. We provide nationwide sales, parts and support for all our poultry products.

Choose Harris-Crisp Specialty Equipment for reliable, industry-leading solutions that contribute to the success of your poultry business.

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Crafted to address specific challenges in the poultry industry, offering practical and effective solutions.

Industry Leading Creek View Litter Windrower – The Compost Predator. It is a state of the art machine with a wide range of unique features. It is a quality built Litter Windrow Machine that you can trust and depend on.

The Litter Pulverizers are designed with a rear safety shield that allows easy access to the flails for cleaning and lubricating. The LP 120 has dual rear safety shields, the LP96 & LP72 are equipped with single rear safety shields.

The Creek View Litter Blade is manufactured in America with the same high quality American made steel as the Creek View Windrower and Pulverizer. Enjoy the benefits of easily leveling litter with the Creek View Litter Blade.

The Poultry House Washer was designed for simplicity so you can quickly clean your chicken houses inside and out. Save time and labor by leaving equipment in place while cleaning & disinfecting. Simply attach to your tractors PTO.

The Poultry House Blower is perfect for a poultry facility cleaning and disinfecting program to kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Easily remove all organic material such as manure, blood, feed and carcasses after de-populating your facility.


Independently Owned & Operated

Harris-Crisp Specialty Equipment was established in 2010 by Warren Harris and Jess Crisp. We provide poultry growers with high quality yet affordable specialty equipment to manage the litter and house. We are located in North Carolina and can ship directly to your farm, anywhere in the US.

Harris-Crisp is an authorized distributor for Creek View Manufacturing located in East Earl, PA and Reddick Equipment Co. in Williamston, NC. We are proud to be partners with these manufactures and provide nationwide sales, parts and support for them.

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