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House Washer (Sprayer)

Harris-Crisp Poultry House Washer (Sprayer)

The Harris-Crisp Poultry House Washer was designed for simplicity so you can quickly clean your chicken houses inside and out. Save time and labor by leaving equipment in place while cleaning & disinfecting. Simply attach to your tractors PTO, adjust the nozzles and you are ready to clean. ​​Equipped with a high pressure, moderate volume diaphragm pump giving you the flexibility to gently clean close-up problems or blast the spider webs from the ceiling. With a 500 gallon polyethylene tank on a sturdy steel framed trailer, this sprayer will be able handle cleaning the chicken houses, the equipment and any other jobs you have around the farm.

The Harris-Crisp Poultry House Washer can be utilized all over the farm to clean equipment, concrete pads and much more!

The Harris-Crisp Poultry House Washer is PTO driven and comes standard with a durable UDOR Omega 140/CC diaphragm pump that delivers a maximum flow of 39 GPM at 700 PSI and is suitable for 1 wand. Need more power for 2 wands? Upgrade to a UDOR Omega 170/CC Diaphragm pump that delivers a maximum flow of 46 GPM at 700 PSI.

All Harris-Crisp Washers are built to order and can be customized to fit your needs. You can add a floor nozzle or a retractable hose reel with an additional hose section to make the overall job easier. Order today and have a Poultry House Washer delivered directly to your farm within 4-6 weeks! Call 919-496-0608